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Off Site Backup

Off Site Backup has become a vital method for companies to protect and store their data efficiently and safely. At Active Solutions Group, we provide a very secure and reliable enterprise grade platform that is fully encrypted. This ensures that you never lose any data and that it is always protected. Our off site backup allows data to be replicated among several sites, which establishes a foundation of stability and security for your data.

We host our primary sites solely in Michigan in order to allow your data to be as close as possible. In the case of emergency, we can easily shuttle your data quickly from our Michigan based sites to you.

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Hosted Servers

Dedicated Servers

At Active Solutions Group, we take every measure to ensure your exact needs are met. Whether your business requires a physical dedicated server or a virtual server, our hosting solutions offer the ability to customize a hosting architecture that delivers the fast performance your business needs. Through our dedicated servers, companies are able to manage large amounts of data, such as databases, easily and conveniently. Our dedicated servers offer privacy and confidentiality from any other customer so you benefit from dedicated performance and elasticity when compared to a shared hosting service. Our servers are fully optimized and structured for speed, vital security, and scalability.

Our virtual servers offer control and flexibility comparable to that of our dedicated servers, but at the fraction of the cost. Our highly trained technicians set up everything from advanced security features to the software that fits your specific business needs. Our web hosting will create more disc space, reduced load times, increased flexibility and lower energy costs so that your business can strive. We provide hosting for Linux & Windows for all of our servers to provide flexibility.

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VoiceLink - The Most Robust and Cost-Efficient Business IP Phone Service in the Market.

VoiceLink is a cloud-based VoIP phone that is designed to help small to medium sized businesses cut costs, improve efficiency and drastically improve reliability.

Voicemail Moves With You

Voicemail to email technology allows you to access your voicemail from any device.

No Limits on Calling

Unlimited nationwide calling for a low monthly fixed rate.

Online and Mobile Management

Our online phone management system allows you to manage your PBX yourself and make changes on the spot.

Locally Based Support

Our Michigan based support will provide you with help whenever there is an issue. If you need on site assistance, we can generally visit your office within the same day

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